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Saturday Night Dinner!

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Bill & Paula Blume

Steve & Georgia White

Jerry & Cheri Holloway

Linda Grim Roberts & husband Kevin

Doug Eggers

Terry Kowallis

Tim Huston

Coe Kiebert

Cheryl Honeycutt Gibson, Diane Schnebly Cortez & Kendria Adkison Elliot

Kelly Lloyd Inman, Jeff Mendiola, Stan Schooler and Klystie Harmon Journagan

Linda Stuart Cada, Robin Ripley Stuart and Danna McChristian Giovi

Fred Wood, Linda Stuart Cada and Lorna Green Steiner

Bill Segel and Kimberlee Spencer Grob

Becky Hammond Philipps and Lisa Christiansen Shively

Our Emcees:
Lisa Meredith Kiser, John Berg, Brian Burgess and Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell and his '79 hair!



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