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And the "Most," "Best," and "Nicest" winners were...

From: Mana Ha Sa 1979
Date: 29 Mar 1999
Time: 12:22:20


Most likely to succeed Nancy Lee Joe Creed
Wittiest Lisa Meredith Fred Wood
Nicest Hair Lisa Castagnola Stan Schooler
Neatest Eyes Lori Lehman Terry Peoples
Nicest Smile Sarah Clingan Jeff Mendiola
Friendliest Danna McChristian Rocky Tuning
Most Athletic Becky Hammond Dave Rumple
Best Walk Jenny Smith Dan Weeks
Nicest Legs Chandos Young Mike Nicolls
Most Spirited Ruby Jackson Brian Burgess
Most Shy Brenda Gould Jerry Hein
Most Outgoing Lisa Meredith Fred Wood
Best Dancer Nancy Willis Kevin Anderson
Best Body Pam Gibson Richie Moore
Best Dressed Tracy Schultz Eric Adkinson
Best Laugh Kim Spencer Jeff Jester
Most Talented Sandy Matherly Tim Haskin
Cutest Couple Patsy Connely & Jerry Holloway
Class Flirts Marla Peterson Jim Beard


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