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Reunion Song

From: Terry Peoples
Date: 08 Aug 1999
Time: 19:22:53


Twenty Years Have Gone By

Sung to the tune of “American Pie” by Don McLean

A long, long time ago
I can still remember
how those high school days used to make me smile
If I could go back I’d take a chance
Maybe learn to disco dance
And grow my hair like Tim Mitchell for awhile

But recently I began to shiver
When the mail was delivered
Reunion news on the doorstep
I couldn’t take one more step

I can’t remember if I moaned
when I realized how time had flown
and noticed how my waist had grown
Since those high school days..... well

My, my 20 years have gone by
since we made it, graduated from Meridian High
Them good ole days are getting farther behind
Now they’re telling me it’s reunion time,
They’re telling me it’s reunion time

Did you write what you have done
For your 20th class reunion
And exaggerate a little, to impress?
And did you read what others said?
Or did you scratch your balding head
and say “who are these people?” well I confess...

Now my memory aint all there
But at least I’ve got some of my hair
A whole lot more than John (Berg)
I’d say most of his is gone!

I was the editor of the ole WARWHOOP
I know you all thought that it was “poop”
But I saved some copies, here’s the scoop
About, our high school days
They make me sing...(Chorus)

The headlines said “welcome back to school”
With our HASH pants on we were lookin’ cool
And, we had our senior pictures done
Then (Brian) Burgess put them in a book
And we paid money to take a look
Now lookin’ back at you is really fun

Well Vietnam was over and done
The military draft was gone
The big issues on the scene:
The high price of gasoline

How did they expect us to drag Main?
Sixty-seven cents a gallon was real pain
Not enough dough for beer again
Back in our high school days
they make me sing...(Chorus)

Our football team went 4 and 6
That wishbone offense was no fix
And so we cheered the marching band
Boys Basketball was really great
Third in District, First in State
And Queen sang, “We are the Champions”

Now the half-time air was thick perfume
When the drill team marched into the room
They danced to show their pride
And a bit of their bottom side

Oh but who was nimble? Who was quick?
Who brought home that Spirit Stick?
Our cheerleaders. Now they could kick...ask
anyone from our high school days
And now they’re singing...(Chorus)

Oh there we were all in one place
2000 kids, too little space
How did you keep your sanity?
Did you find Harvey much too real?
Enjoy a cafeteria meal?
Or get “crazy” at the Mardi Gras, like me?

Now Turnbull must have been enraged
When he read the headline on the page
“Female athletes need supporters”
We blamed the sophomore reporters

And as the M burned high into the night
We watched like pyros with delight
But never sang the Alma Mater right
Back in our high school days
But we can sing...(Chorus)

Remember when May came along?
Looks Like We Made It was our song
But we still had to pass exams
We picked the seniors we liked best
Crowned Mr. and Miss MHS
While (Joe) Creed and (Brian) Burgess read Green Eggs and Ham

And in the Gym with caps and gowns
They made us march, and then sit down
Some long speeches were spoken
Attendance records broken

And the three grads I admired most
(Joe) Creed, (Steve) Bryce and (Diane) Schnebly.... deserve a toast
they got straight “A”s but didn’t boast
back in our high school days
And now we’re singing...(Chorus 2x)

Terry Peoples, August 7, 1999
MHS Class of ‘79 Reunion


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