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I Second Claudette's Message

From: Diane (Schnebly) Cortez
Date: 10 Aug 1999
Time: 00:20:21


What a great weekend! I too share Claudette's heart felt thanks to all of you on the committee and all the volunteers who contributed to making this last weekend superb. I had such a great time and deem it a great success! I hope you do too. To all of you I got to catch up with, thanks for the memories! What a hoot you all are. Can't wait to see you in another 10 years to see how good our memories are then...NOT! To Joe Brown...thanks so much for setting up this Web Site. What a great way to get us all together and revved up before and after this reunion. I wish you could have been there so I could thank you in person. I don't know how long this site will be up, hopefully for awhile so we can all read everyone's impressions. Maybe the reunion committee will get some new volunteers for next time...yes? Terry...I just printed your words from the song you sang. I had it going in my head all that night. By the next day I had kind of forgotten about it until I heard Doug singing it to his daughter out on the deck of my parents house. She didn't seem as impressed with Doug's singing as we were with yours...maybe it was just the era. Hah! Robin and Jodi, everyone said you were the ones doing the major part of the leg work for this event so I just wanted to thank you specifically. Your organizational skills made everything appear seamless. It was all very smooth from my point of view. Larry and Tonya...thanks for the great golf game and Larry great idea for the Salmon feed. I thought it fun to gather at the old stompin' grounds again with that big ol' M. The only thing missing was the loud sound of race cars. It was for the better though, I think. I really kind of like hearing people talk without yelling. Time now to get a little shut eye. I'd have to agree with all the classmates who said, "I gotta go back to work to get some rest." I hear ya...but it was sure worth the loss of sleep and the wee headache I had on Saturday. Take care everyone and thanks again to all.


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