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Terry Peoples:  Ya got me!  Revision 1

From: Fred Wood
Date: 04 Sep 1999
Time: 14:16:28


Letter to the Editor: I have been receiving death threats from all over the country from the last edition of "War Whoop it up column". HA! Just for clarification, and John Berg as my witness (You better back me up on this one John), after I made the statement your song SUCKED! I also said it was very touching, brought back many fond memories, and I truly appreciated you doing something like that. And I wished there would have been a video made. Now I expect clarification or you'll be receiving a call from my attorney buddy. In all seriousness Terry, thanks again for taking the time and nerves to get up in front of all of us to share so many fun & fond memories. You did a super job!!!


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