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What I did over summer vacation...

From: Joe Brown
Date: 11 Mar 1999
Time: 10:40:03


Welcome to the MHS Class of '79 web site, and our "Classmate Update" bulletin board!  This is the spot to let everyone know what you've been doing for the last twenty years.  (And maybe even let our teachers know that we did pay attention in class every now and then!)  Okay, I'll get things rolling...

My first few years "post-Meridian" covered a lot of territory, geographically speaking.  Seattle, Chicago and Orlando were the main stops, wrapping up with a month-long cross-country trip driving from the southeast corner of the states to the northwest corner, finally ending up in Boise.  Back in town, I hooked up with Ore-Ida Foods and proceeded to spend the next ten years (!) playing with their computers, bouncing around every department within their computer division.  All in all good times, great opportunities, and terrific experiences.

The last five years start with a storybook romance - Jackie and I met on a Caribbean Cruise, she was from New Jersey (the nice part of NJ), and I from Idaho (where it's all nice, right?).  Our cruise ship was the actual ship used for filming the original Love Boat series!  (The rooms sure looked bigger on TV...)  We did the long-distance relationship thing for a while (lots of frequent flyer miles), got engaged at the foot of Cinderella's Castle at DisneyWorld (at the stroke of midnight, how else?), and then were married in Maui, Hawaii at sunset!

Where are we now?  We looked all over the U.S. to decide where to live, and chose Raleigh, North Carolina!  It's real nice here, very hi-tech and quite a "boom-town" atmosphere.   (The high-tech area is called Research Triangle Park, also known as Silicon Valley East...)  It's been growing fast for many years, most people have moved here from other parts of the country so it's quite a cultural melting-pot.  (All in all, kind of like a warmer version of Boise!)

I'm currently Chief Technology Officer at one of the Southeast's largest advertising agencies, I've been with them five years this July.  (Ever notice that the busier you are, the faster time flies?)  Jackie and I also have our own company which we've just incorporated - she runs it full-time, I just poke my head in now and then.  Our main focus is on small business image and marketing solutions, including web site design.  (Jackie is the creative one, her web sites look a lot better than the one I did here!)

So that covers up to 1999, and my first twenty years.  (Twenty years?  It still doesn't sound right, does it?)  It's been great so far, and I'm already looking forward to what 2000 - and the next twenty years - will bring!  I hope everyone enjoys this site - and see Mr. Helgeson, I did pay attention in your computer class!   Well, every now and then anyway...


"Ore-Ida is All-Righta!"
Yes, that says "Idaho Fries!"

LB1.jpg (8106 bytes)
"The Love Boat"
Yea, this is a postcard...
but it looked just like this!

"Just Maui-ed!"
On the beach right after
the wedding ceremony.

Smiles, shades & Shaka-bra!
(The Hawaiian hand-sign
for "Hang Loose!")

Go Warriors!


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