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The last 20 years!!!

From: Tricia McGarvin
Date: 31 Mar 1999
Time: 15:24:43


I went on to be a radio personality (DJ) and producer working for 17 1/2 years at various stations including: KBOI, KISS FM in Boise and Meridian (mid 80s), then recently at Z100 New York City.

I retired from radio last year to make my own records as a singer/songwriter named TrishThereze (my first and middle names). My web page will be launched this summer! Sign on and say hi! I'm currently working with my own band on original material with plans to have my first CD titled "Extreme Being" produced by fall of 1999.

In addition to the music I continue to record as a voice-over talent doing radio commercials for broadcast, and hold a full time job with BBDO Advertising as an assistant. This job supports my music habit, until it can support itself (we pray!). I also volunteer my time working with young people in recovery from substance abuse. I've lived in New York City for 7 years and plan to stay awhile. I can't wait to float the Boise River again!!!

Trish performing live at the legendary NYC rock club "The Bitter End"

Photography by Julia Schell


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