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From: Diane Schnebly-Cortez
Date: 08 Apr 1999
Time: 00:14:15


Hi ya I am not living in Texas. After high school went to college at the University of Idaho and got degrees in Telecommunications and Advertising. Was lucky and got a job at the NBC affiliate in Spokane right out of college and lied my way into their traffic department. An instructor at the U of I said to get into the business you have to fake your way sometimes, so I did.

That led into a position in the promotions department and after 3 years at KHQ, I took a job at the cable company, (then Cox TCI...soon to be ATT) and became the TV Production Manager. It was perfect for me because I got to start from the ground floor and create the production house I've always wanted. It's been a great learning experience and I love the business. What is just as fun is balancing the commercial business out with a lot of non-profit work. My department does a lot of in-kind advertising for a number of service agencies here in the area.

Since I got into TV there has always been something new to look forward to. We're now working in the digital environment and will be working more with broadband and telephony in the coming a new year, a new technology. Life has never been boring. I've lived in Spokane all this time and still love it. It's a great outdoor recreational place with 4 ski hills, hundreds of lakes and golf courses all within minutes of where I live. I get to spend a lot of time outdoors and get to experience a lot of adventure through work too...boating and skiing commercials, biking videos and the most recent adventure I would have never thought I'd do is create mining videos.

Our production group has gotten the contracts to do a number of mining safety videos to be distributed world wide and we shoot a lot of them up here in Idaho's Silver Valley area. They require us to go underground quite a bit, so have had a lot of fun over the years enjoying the world not only from a mile high in the sky, (my husband takes me on skydiving rides,) to a mile or more under the ground. I must say I've learned a lot.

Speaking of my husband, we were married when he was an Air-Force Master Sergeant working as a survival training instructor here at Fairchild. Last year he retired (ha ha...he's only 43) and is now working as a contractor for the federal government...doing the same kind of work. He likes to skydive, ski and golf so we do a lot of that together along with traveling. He travels a lot for his job and I usually get to go on the trips I want to. Got to go to Hawaii in February since he had to do some work there, (darn the luck) and we may be heading to England this fall. I could definitely get use to this!

When we married I had an "instant family" with 3 teenage step-kids...2 girls and a boy. They are all grown now. The last one just graduated from high school this last summer and is going to beauty school in Seattle so we are "empty nesters". Yippee! My husband and I have two grandchildren by his oldest daughter and of course they are cuter than buttons. My step-son graduates from the University of Pennsylvania in May and is considering law school. He's very intelligent and has offers from Stanford, Harvard and Columbia so we'll have to see what he decides he wants to do with the rest of his life.

Other than this, the years fly by...I never have to worry about being bored...there's always something more to see or try. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone again at the reunion! Chow for Now!


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