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Surely I'm Too Young!!!

From: Tyree (Ty Daniels) White
Date: 17 Apr 1999
Time: 18:10:55


Sooo cool to have this web site!! I don't feel like it could possibly be 20 years, as some of you know I didn't make graduation due to some really stupid mistakes along the way. I married a wonderful man in 1982, and went back and got my GED in 1990. We have 3 boys 15, 13, 12. I gave my life to Christ in 1985 and my husband and I are assistant Pastors in our local church here in Emmett. I have also worked for the Emmett school district for the past 7 years and am currently a kindergarten teachers aid. I love it!!!

My husband has a wonderful talent to sing and has recorded 2 southern gospel albums, unfortunately I do not have the talent he does for singing. My life has been great since I met him, he is a '78 graduate of Emmett high school. We also have a candle shop that we run from our home that is totally awesome!!! I wish sometimes to go back and do things over, but life and God has showed me , slow down and never make rash decisions - time is a prover of all things.

My son just won sophomore vice president and all have been blessed with the talents and love of music that my husband and I share. I think I'm getting a little carried away here, in the last 20 years life has been good to me. The sad note to all this is we will be out of town for the reunion in August. I'm sorry about that, but please feel free to e-mail all the details!!

Sincerely, Ty

P.S. Mr. Horning is now MY son's principal and boy does that seem strange!!!! WOW!


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