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It can't be 20 years already...

From: Joe Barrus
Date: 22 Apr 1999
Time: 17:05:38


20 years, no way -- it was just a few years ago!   Many thanks to Joe Brown and others for such an awesome website. What a great idea!

After MHS, I've been following the "computer nerd" trail -- and loving it!

I worked for IBM for a bit during college, then lucked into a job at Apple Computer in 1987.  Wow!  What a fun place to work back then.  Iıve always been a Mac fan since I bought one of the first 128K RAM, single 400K floppy drive Macs.  Can you believe they fit the operating system, MacWrite and MacPaint on one 400K floppy, and ran in 128K of RAM?!  (Hey if anyone has an original working 128K Mac -- I want to buy it.  I sold mine long ago, but they are quite the collectorıs item now!)

Compared to Mr. Helgesonıs class where we punched computer cards and waited 2 days to see what our bugs were, my old Mac was a dream.  When was the last time anybody saw a punch card?!

I worked at Apple for 7 years, starting out writing diagnostics for Apple IIıs, (remember Apple IIıs?), ended up in the Newton group.  The Newton group was fun -- even if it flopped in the market.

After Apple, a BYU college buddy and I started a company and we make AlphaSmart word processors.  We sell mostly to schools looking to offload much of the typing time off their expensive multimedia machines.  Check out our web site at

I live in Reno and visit Meridian pretty often as most of the family still lives there.   My wife Debbie and I have 7 children (yeah that sounds like a lot), 12 years old and down with the last two being 10 month old identical twin boys (very cute!).  If we could just figure out how they get started......

Will try to make it to this yearıs reunion.


Joe Barrus

P.S. If you are reading this and havenıt submitted your own update, then feel guilty and do it.  If I can do it, you can.  I really want to hear about everyone.

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