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14hex (20 odd) years

From: Tim Wolf (
Date: 27 Apr 1999
Time: 00:25:25


Right after High School, I spent a year working for my father's construction firm. When he sold the business, I decided it was time to start college. I worked at various odd-jobs during my first few years of college, including a local lawn and garden shop (which subsequently went out of business) and then later at the now-defunct ‘Boise Camera and Stereo.'

Soon after that I found myself writing oil-well forecasting models for an accountant at the top of the Idaho First building. Long hours, late at night, were spent churning out 3-dimensional financial and production models. Unfortunately, a year later, he closed shop and moved out of state.

With a stroke of luck, I ended up at a software development firm called Decision Point. This was a small company with five employees and a lot of potential. We spent the next three years writing and marketing a "Cobol Program Generator" -- essentially a program that writes programs. It was a fun project, but in the end, the investors bailed and the firm went bankrupt.

Another company, here in Boise, was marketing mainframe electronic mail software and they hired me for their support staff. Amazingly, six months into the job, the company sold itself to a competitor in Texas and was, for all practical purposes, out of business.

Soon after that, I began working at Ore-Ida Foods starting out as a Jr. Programmer and in the course of a few years worked up to a Systems Analyst. Then, in the burgeoning era of Personal Computers and Networks, I helped Ore-Ida move away from mainframes and into PC's, and Networks that spanned across corporate and various factories.

It took me 11 years to drive that company out of business. I'm now working as a Senior Systems Analyst for a hospital but my hopes and dreams are to work for the Federal Government....

Seriously, it has been a grand twenty years. I've met hundreds of interesting people and have never stopped learning. Married with two children (my wife claims three on the tax forms). Look forward to seeing you at the reunion.



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