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Berg's Eye View

From: John Berg
Date: 11 Jun 1999
Time: 17:49:03


Robin, Tim, and Jerry promised me that they would get around to putting their entries on here if I did so first. Now they have to pay goes.

After graduating from high school, I spent the next four years doing the school, work, study thing. I graduated from BSU with a degree in accounting. I started to work shortly thereafter for Ripley Doorn and Company, a local CPA firm, in the Boise office. After 16 years, I'm still there! I'm the partner in charge of the Boise office and really enjoy my work.

Proving the old saying true that there is someone out there for everyone, I married the former Linda Troyer of Nampa almost nine years ago and we recently moved in our new house in Meridian with our three kids: Tyson, Spencer, and Haley. Married life has been wonderful (and fattening).

I guess I've lived by those immortal words of Dorothy, "There's no place like home." I've never left town. I'm still very involved in the same church as in high school. I've also spent the last 16 summers as a youth counselor at our church camp.

I've also been very active in civic activities, serving as president of the Optimist Club and the Meridian Chamber of Commerce. I've done a lot coaching of youth football, basketball and baseball. I seem to get roped into a lot of volunteer projects. I've either got to learn how to "just say no" or remove the "sucker" tatoo across my forehead.

Although I've had opportunities to leave town, I guess living in Meridian and being a part of all the changes suited me the best. If some of you haven't been back for a while, you are in for some surprises.

I look forward to seeing all of you in August.

Now it's your turn guys.


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