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Here goes nothing, the story of computers in my life!

From: Robin Ripley Stewart
Date: 12 Jun 1999
Time: 03:02:49


Here is my last twenty years in a nut shell. After graduation I attended B.S.U. for forever. I received an A.S. in Education and began teaching at our old junior high in Meridian. When I was in college I just began using the computer. When I began teaching I mostly ran around trying to keep all kid's computers up and running. Now twenty years later I had to get my own 9 yr. old daughter out of bed one night to help me create a map on the computer. I was fortunate enough to become a stay at home mom 8 years ago and I had not worked on the computer since. Tim called me in February to begin working on this reunion. Because, only a few classmates showed-up to the first committee meeting I reluctantly volunteered to be the keeper of the list of found. Since that night I have become a real technonerd. Thanks to my new friend our brilliant Web Master, Joe Brown! My hat is off to him for this great web site. He has made my job very easy. Also to all who have corresponded with me it has been fun! See you all in August and be sure to enter your memory book update. Because Joe is so smart it comes directly to me.


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