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Phred would...

From: Fred Wood
Date: 15 Jun 1999
Time: 16:45:22


Not having a clue after graduation about what should be my next step in life or what career path I'd like to pursue. An opportunity to be involved in nuclear powered electric generating plants under construction presented itself.

I spent 10 years as a Quality Control Inspector and loved every minute of it. It included working on seven different plants in five different states. I was able to see different parts of the U.S., meet many different people, cultures, and enjoy local festivities and food. It was an eye opening experience I'm most grateful for. In 1986 I married a Southern Bell from Louisiana.

In 1989 construction on nuclear power plants began to dwindle quickly. In 1990 I decided to get out of the nuc.s, move to Boise, and attend B.S.U.. Within three months I was divorced with no children, attending college full time and employed with Meridian School Transportation as a bus driver and eventually became a supervisor.

After graduating in 1995 I accepted employment with Boeing in Everett, Washington. I'm currently a manager in the electrical department for the build of 747 wire assemblies. I'm enjoying my job and appreciate the opportunities I've been given but am seeking employment in the ADA or Gem County where it doesn't rain as much. Anyone out there interested? HA!

Over all, Life has been good!


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