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On the Fritz

From: Cindy Fritz (Vogel)
Date: 16 Jun 1999
Time: 00:43:34


If John Berg can admit that he has gotten fat, than I guess I can tell you what 20 years has done to my body. Here goes.....

While all of you were out there getting educated, making money and babies, I was playing. I started out as a ski bum. I worked my way through BSU (hay some of us aspire too much lesser things) working as a Ski Patroller. The skiing was so good in the early 80’s that I did not graduate until 6 years later. At that time I married (numerous spitting noises) a fellow patrolman with similar low goals and income. I spent the next 9 years climbing in the Western U.S. While you were warm in your newly acquired homes, I was practically living out of the back of a pickup, similar to “A Van down by the River”, but with better beer. During this time I discovered snowboarding. Since I refused to give up my snowboard, I was “released” from the Ski Patrol. I worked several odd jobs that are just a blur now but they kept me fed, gas in my tank, and owning the latest and greatest toys. I finally ended up where all ski and climbing bums end. I began working for the Federal Government. I worked part time for many years with the Bureau of Land Management. I did many odd jobs for them such as cursing timber, running tree planting crews, and pretty much the shit work that nobody else wanted to do. During this time I got trained to fight wild fire. I also was interested in fire behavior on local plant species and woke up one day enrolled back at BSU in the Biology Department. I was also divorced (sigh of relief). This time it only took 2 years to graduate with a degree in Biology. You know what one can do with a Biology Degree……. (you guessed it) go back to work for the Federal Government! I was again at the BLM, and was still fighting fire, but now in the fall and winter I am a respectable “Natural Resource Specialist” (hay, you want a cool title, work for the government) and work in prescribed burning and fire rehabilitation. It’s not too much of a real job, I still only work 9 months out of the year. The spring and early summer are reserved for playing. I now have a small house with a big mortgage, student loans due, credit card debt that is unbelievable, a sixteen year old car, and I am dating an irresponsible smokejumper. And yes J. Berg, I too have gotten fat.


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