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Hi de ho classmates

From: Jim Russo
Date: 17 Jun 1999
Time: 13:18:18


Well, it has been a long time. If I'm going to get to go to the reunion is still up in the air.

I'm married, got a wonderfull wife Luanne and two boys Joshua and Joseph. I left for the Army right after summer was over after we graduated. I came up through the ranks as a mechanic. I've been all over the place, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland Spain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The beaches in Spain and Italy were great. Skiing in Austria and Switzerland was excellent. I remember a good story about Skiing I'll put it on the other board. But anyway the military life has been pretty good to me. I'm a Sergeant First Class (SFC) I can only get two more promotions. I work as the Support Operation Sergeant in Charge. My job is to make sure that the Brigade of about 3500 soldiers get all there Food, Water, Fuel, and Ammunition. It can be a PAIN in the you Know what at times. But, I enjoy it. I Just got back from the National traningCenter(NTC). Which is where we have to go for about 45 days to train for combat. We use live tanks and what they call MILES equiptment. Basically it's a bigger version of laser tag. Every one is equipt with the miles gear and the laser sets it off if someone Shoots you. All the tanks and most of the vehicles have there own set for doing battle. Once the miles goes off you are outta there for 24 to 48 hours. Depending on the weapon system that killed you. But, anyway there is alot of training that goes on so we can Teach the brigade how to fight, survive, and win on a real live battle field. I like the outdoors Hunting, fishing, football baseball, softball and Racquet ball. Most card games, chess, Backgammon and board games. I do alot of work on the computer at home and at work. I've got two Dogs, Two Cats. A nice home and enjoy life.

I think thats about it for me. Whats up with you? Jim Russo


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