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Twenty years in a nut shell

From: Marc Jordan
Date: 21 Jun 1999
Time: 14:10:14


It's been some time since I was last in Boise, and I do miss the place. Since high school, I became a christian and then joined the Air Force. I was stationed in Great Falls, MT for three years and then moved to Las Vegas NV for a special duty assignment with the F-117 Stealth squadron. At first this was a classified assignment and I joked with everyone when they asked me what I did, I told them that I was a ride attendent at Disney Land, because I left town every week. I met my wife at the church I go to and after almost nine years of military service I decided to leave the military. I have one son, who is eight years old now. After leaving the military I started working for the City of North Las Vegas in which I am a Planner for the City. I enjoy my job and as a side benefit I work four days a week. In high school I always considered myself more on the shy side and did not like to speak in public. My job requires a great deal of public speaking at all Planning Commission meetings, which I find fun. Time can change a lot of things. I won't be able to make it to the reunion this summer, but it was nice hearing about the reunion and to read some of your e-mails. I hope everyone has fun.


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