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Once Upon A Time

From: Tim Mitchell
Date: 28 Jun 1999
Time: 15:55:10


Hello Everyone!

So what have I been up to -- good question. I guess I've been busy converting the things I want to do into the things I've done. The world may be getting smaller everyday, but life is large. So it's a good thing that there's still plenty of time for us to get out while we can!

After our daze at MHS, I went to BSU and graduated with a sociology degree. I'm still fascinated to understand what motivates groups of people to behave in certain ways. Who knew that sociology would lead to a career in public relations and marketing? I didn't, but it turned out to be a great background for working in the advertising/PR/marketing business. It's been a lot of fun and full of variety, which helps keep things interesting. I'm currently working at HP. Three days after our reunion, I'll be taking a four-month leave of absence from work to go roam around Europe with my wife, Christy Echevarria. Christy and I will celebrate our 15th Anniversary in two weeks. We have no kids and no pets so we're feeling like it's time to do some wandering around.

Speaking of wandering around, is anyone else still working on figuring out what they want to be when they grow-up? Let's discuss.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. I wasn't so sure that I really wanted to at first, but I'm getting more excited as the date approaches. Take care, be well and remember that ever popular yearbook signature phrase: "Stay the way you are and you'll go far!"


Tim Mitchell


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