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Hey!  I invented Post-Its

From: Ron Rabehl
Date: 29 Jun 1999
Time: 15:16:15


Oh my God, this sounds just like the movie ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’!

Since high school, hmmmmmmm ........

After high school, I went to college at Boise State University and went through quite a few difficult years. I found that I was making a lot of poor choices in my life - poor choice of friends, poor choice of schools, poor choice of jobs. I then lost my best friend in an auto accident and my sister in a rafting accident. So I decided to spend some time looking for answers.

I spent the next few years travelling around the world to see what I could find. What an adventure! I met a lot of great people and visited some exciting places. I was in China a few days before the riots but didn't get to see any of the action. (China, by the way, is a great place to diet - the food is terrible. Japan is also - the food is expensive.) But, no matter where you go, I found people to be the same. I didn't find any answers , but it turned out that I enjoyed the travel so much that when the opportunity came up, I took a job with a software company that lets me travel as much as I want (300-400k miles a year). My change of address is a frequent flier number.

Having seen enough of the world for now, I now choose to fly domestic - there is only so much secret sauce on mystery meat one can handle. My work has sent me to most major cities from Honolulu to Boston and Seattle to Miami. Some cities I have found are great to live in - Seattle, Honolulu, Laguna Beach, Boise (of course); some are great to visit - LA, Washington DC, Dallas; and some cities ... shall we say, just didn't make the previous 2 categories - Detroit, Milwaukee, anywhere in the south.

But like John Berg referred to in his update, there really is no place like home. For me, I could never decide where home should be. So I spend my time in Seattle, Oahu, and Boise; and have just finished building a new house in the Boise foothills overlooking the city.

Overall, it's been a life of ups anad downs. I'm sure like most everyone, there are things I would love to go back and change if I could. I'm sure I would get them right on the 2nd try. But we all live with the decisions made by a kid < 20 years old. (Life is weird that way - kids can be really dumb).

As far as answers? I never found any. The only right answer lies in yourself.

Damn, did I forget to tell everyone I invented Post-Its?



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