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I feel so young!!

From: Kelly Lloyd Inman
Date: 09 Jul 1999
Time: 00:17:53


I had to say I feel so young, everyone else was feeling old!

I hate to say I am typical, but after graduation I took the typical route and got married. I started college at BSU. While attending school I hooked up and married a BSU football player. (yes, your typical dumb jock. haha) We had two beautiful daughters during our eight year marriage. By the demise of our marriage, I finally graduated from BSU in Marketing. In 1990 I saw former, handsome teacher from Meridian Jr. High. He recognized me and so I married him. (joke,joke - but I did marry him) Some of you may remember Mr. Inman. We have been married for almost nine years. We have two additional children. (so for those of you who need help, that is four children total, 17f,12f,8f,and 3m.)

After I graduated from college I started my own medical practice management company. The company had years of ups and downs. I sold the company in 1997 on an "up". During my self employment years, I contracted with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, NJ. My work with RWJ allow me to travel all over the United States It was great fun while it lasted. The reality of being a mother of four, and one of them an infant and one a teenager came to me in 1997. It was at that time that I decided I needed a career that allowed me spend most of my evenings at home. I was offered a job with Blue Cross of Idaho to start a new joint venture with Blue Cross of California. I have been working there for two years. It has been a positive decision.

I enjoy my childrens sports, racquetball, music, decorating, my work and spending money.

I hope to attend the reunion on Saturday night. I "have to" go to the Yankees/Mariners game in Seattle on Friday night and hope to be home in time to make the dinner. I look forward to seeing everyone from school. Take care and e-mail me sometime.


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