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From: Trish Thereze (Heyrend)
Date: 20 Jul 1999
Time: 16:07:26


I'm a total addict for the MHS webpage! It is soooo great to log on and get the lastest and greatest on everyone. Thank you Joe Brown for getting this page together. It's awesome!

Thanks to the MHS reunion committee for all your hard work too!

And thanks also to everyone who takes a minute to write. It's meant a lot to me all the way over here in New York City to learn how ya' all "turned out" --and boy do the memories come flooding in!

My ego can't stand that I didn't mention all my years agonizing over college! Seems everyone paid some academic dues and I didn't mention a darned thing about going to the University of Oregon in Eugene straight out of high school. While I was burning the midnight oil cramming for finals (and partying of course! 'TOGA-TOGA-TOGA!) --I was also working part-time at the Oldies station KPNW in Eugene. I didn't finish at U of O 'cause I took a radio job in Portland Oregon at Z100. So I transfered to Portland State University. Then seven years later I still don't have my degree (but boy have I taken a ton of really cool classes!) I move to New York City and take a few classes at Fordham University and a few at Hunter and one or two at CUNY --all the while working in radio.

So 20 years later I STILL don't have my degree! But boy do I have a hell of an education! And ya' know, I'm still paying off that $20,000 student loan! I'm like 8 - 12 credits from a BA. So I guess I should finish --but now I'm having way too much fun pursuing my singer/songwriter career --so geeze what's the rush right?

I hope you'll all keep checking out my web page still under construction at Please don't be shy and drop me an email!

Anyway, I send you all the very best from the bottom of my heart and it's been wonderful to revisit the memories of my happy/fun/sometimes-not-so-fun/often painful/confused/dysfunctional/defiant/rowdy/colorful/exciting/competetive/wholesome/fairly conservative adolescence.

What's the saying "Keep what you like and leave the rest?" Well hopefully all of us have learned how to make the most of what God has given us no matter what our circumstances.

I am unable to attend the reunion as I will be away at Summer School! I'll be attending the New York Vocal Academy.

So, my prayers and love go out to each and everyone of my chums from MHS! God bless you all.

If you ever travel to the Big Apple, please contact me.




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