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What I've Done In The Second Half Of My Life...

From: By Sue (Couch) Kump
Date: 21 Jul 1999
Time: 22:41:36


I've really enjoyed reading everyone's updates and so though I would send in my own. After we graduated I decided I wasn't ready for more school. I thought I would work a year and then go to college. I took a job with the YACC in beautiful McCall ID. We did all sorts of great projects for the Forest Service. It was quite a culture shock for me as I had been fairly sheltered from a lot of things in life. Oh, I kew it was out there, I just hadn't seen most of it first hand. That's where I met my first husband. In late June of '80 I had my son,Fred(So much for taking a year off of school). I spent the next four and a half years supporting my deadbeat husband and our son. I worked at a cute little cafe' in New Meadows owned by a wonderful Hungarian woman(Oh,the specials she made!) Thank God for tips! Life had it's good moments but the bad moments were really BAD! One January day I invited my DB husband to leave. For over 3 three years I took care of just Fred & I and life was GOOD! I found out I could handle things all on my own. What a rewarding feeling! During that time one of the regular customers at the cafe' asked me out. We dated for 2 & 1/2 years before we married. Since then we've had our up & downs but the downs are few and far between and the ups are terrific! Life is great. About Me: I've been working for the us Forest Service for the last 12 years as a Forestry Tech in Measurements. My main job is scaling logs but I cruise timber once in a while and am in charge of Log Accountibility. For fun I do crafts(leather tooling, sewing, toll painting...) and I like to go to Vigilanties in Donnelly and sing kareoke. If you're up this way on most any Saturday night I'll sing you a song. About my husband Scot: When we married he worked for the Highway Dept and did a little police reserve work. He desided he liked the police work better and went to work for Adams County Sheriff in 92'. He is now the Chief Deputy/Under Sheriff. For fun he likes to ride ATV's and Snowmobiles(he even ride's with Kimberly Spencer's brother-in-law some times). He also operates a HAM radio and has earned his Extra Class HAM License. About my son Fred: He is the joy of my life! He graduated this spring and is now attending a computer bulding lab. The computer stuff is just so he can work his way through college. His real passion is Entomology(BUGS!).I knew I was in trouble when at the age of 3 he captured a fly, pulled it's wings off and said "Look Mom, I made a Bug!" I've seen very few of you through the years...John Lorcher delivered produce to us at the cafe'...Dan Dallas was at fire school the first year I work at the USFS...Bob Saleen caught me singing at Vigilanties... It will be great to see a few more of you at the reunion!


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