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Who's tooooooo old????

From: Mary Burke (Hartzfeld)
Date: 07 Aug 1999
Time: 13:44:03


The last 20 years is what we have all made it, hope it has been the best for all. Mine well husband, 2 boys awesome 18 years. Then widowed and lost a son.. May of 99 gained a wonderful man and December 97 gained a beautiful Granddaughter Katelynn Sue Nichol Polk.. I have learned life is to short to wait until tomorrow so I do each day as there may not be tomorrow. Life is good and I have became a very independent and challenging women they say. so I hope you all have great lives going and that they continue. Hope to see you all this weekend and share some great memories. And the good news is we all look the same at heart!!!! God Bless


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