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Now I am feeling old!!!

From: Mary Burke (Hartzfeld)
Date: 07 Aug 1999
Time: 14:51:34


Well first of all, my granddaughter was born in December 98, she is 7 months old. My new husband is an Auto Mechanic, and I am an Office Manager for a Trucking company here is Boise. You could say my life is like an ocean, because I spend all my time on the water. We do alot of fishing on our bass boat, but at 75 mph fish don't like that!! HA HA Was married after 16 wonderful years, and widowed on May 28th of this year. Spent our Honeymoon in the UP of Michigan on Lake Superior where my husband is from. 2 weeks of heaven here on earth. We love spending time with my son who is almost 17 and my son who is 18 this year I lost in 97 to a stroke running track at school, God rest him and his father. My son Anthony goes to Meridian High does much better than his mom ever did, but I would say that was from me, but truthfully its from his father. I am most positive his main subject is GIRLS, but did we all not feel that way when we were that age. We hope to go to Austrilia soon, thats our dream. I have traveled all over the US and something always brings me home. Funny Idaho is that way. Well hope to here from all of you, and we should keep in touch more often, even if its by e-mail. Cheap and pictures are great. Well for now, may you hold God on your shoulder and keep your heart young, may your life be the best it can be. Sounds like everyone has had a very properous 20 years, I know the next 20 are going to even be better, I think it is because we all know where we are going now. I hope!!!! God Bless


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