Going on a... Sea Cruise!

Since we got out of school and have moved all around, we thought it would be great fun to get together again with everyone from school days.  And more specifically, we think it would be fun to get together on a Cruise ship in the year 2000!

WHAT: Cruise 2000. 7 days of fun, adventure, relaxation, education, and visiting.
WHEN: April 23 and return one week later on April 30, 2000.
(We plan on getting trip insurance in case Y2K panic messes everything up.)
WHERE: We will leave and return to Houston, Texas and visit exotic locations of Cancun, Cozumel, and Roatan Honduras!
WHO: Everyone!!!!! Spread the word to everyone, friends, parents, family -- the more the better!
WHY: Because it will be fun!!  And we want to see and visit with everyone...
HOW: We are working with a travel agent, a relative of a friend.  (Info below.)
COST: Cheap!  Well, reasonable anyway!  (Full details below.)

The cruise is Norwegian Cruise Line, and we will be sailing on the Norweigian Sea. Check out details at www.ncl.com or contact Hema our travel agent -- see below.

Sample shore excursions:

Mayan ruins of Tulum
Dive In Dzul-Ha
Robinson Crusoe Island Getaway
Roatan Exotic Wildlife

Make new friends, enjoy romance, go exotic places, see new things, get away from kids, eat great foods, the vacation you've always dreamed of, exciting day trips to Book of Mormon lands!!

We are going to try to get volunteers to hold special interest seminars while at sea, e.g.

Teenagers -- how not to strangle them (We don't have any yet -- we want to hear tips from those who have been there)
The latest update on Book of Mormon archeology
How-to tips to develop a family mission statement
Marriage enrichment
Etc. (Need more ideas here... and volunteer experts to give them...)

NEED volunteers for:

Speaker Coordinator. Organize seminars and speakers
Excursion Coordinator. Coordinate shore excursions

BYU Engineering College has offered presentations on "Dead Sea Scrolls" and/or other work that is being done in South America, Jordon, and other places if there is enough interest in it!!

(We are extending a special invitation to our ol' profs -- pry them out of the lab and get them to come play a little.)

Travel Agent:
Our travel agent coordinating the trip is Hema Mehta. She is Ketan and Manish's aunt. Her email is htravel1@netscape.net. She can mail you brochures or answer any questions you might have. Hema will handle getting deposits and making flight arrangements, etc.


Inside category (N) $858 each double occupancy ($720+$138 port charges)
3rd and 4th person sharing the same cabin is $517 each ($379+138)
Outside category (H) $1038 each double occupancy
Outside category (A) $1236 each double occupancy
We suggest just the inside category, the room is same or very similar, without a window you don't open or look out much anyway.
If you want to use their airfare package, the rate from Salt Lake City or SFO or LAX is $199 round trip.
Note: Prices are only this good when booked early and with a group--like ours.

Email me, joe@alphasmart.com, with any questions, suggestions and/or information.

Joe Barrus